Brennan decided he wanted to go in his first chess tournament today.  Todd is sending me text messages to keep me updated.

Why am I sitting here, painfully waiting for the next message?

Bren has really heightened emotions and he hates to lose.  I don’t want to today to discourage him but I really, really believe that experiencing losing in a structured situation like this will help him learn how to cope.

Todd said they had tears, but Bren’s hanging in there.  So each little musical indication that a message is here is making me leap for the phone to check on it.

I’m heading out with Aidan to take the Mie Mie kids to the movies today.  Coordinating the 4 kids at the theater will be easier than what Todd is dealing with.  It’s good that it’s Todd.  He can be reinforcing with Bren, without it being a big emotional deal.

I’m just so proud of Bren for trying and going to this today.  It would be nice if he had one little triumph today, but if he doesn’t, there will be hugs and a big round of cheers for getting out there and giving it a shot.

This is almost as hard as the day the big boys on the playground didn’t want to play with him.  We had tears then too.

…sigh.  Being mom is rough.  Watching them go through these lessons is like being poked in the eye with a stick.

more to come later,


2 thoughts on “First

  1. It’s difficult to watch you kid’s heart breaking. I don’t have any superior advice except to be loving and supportive. We learn parenting as we live it. And each new situation you deal with isn’t any easier, we just prod along doing the best we can. No one understands the term “it hurts me more than it hurts you” until they become a parent.

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