February, aka Insomnia Month

I’m up.  I don’t want to be up.  But the damn dog made a huge mess in the bathroom.  I could have gone back to bed, but then I would have been trying to clean it up before work.  AUGH.

And yes.  That was the exact same sound Charlie Brown always used to make.

I feel like Charlie Brown these days.  I’m exhausted.  Apparently my “feminine” hormones decided to go crazy on me.  Like what did I ever do to them??  I could really do without the night sweats, the ridiculous mood swings that mean I cry just because I stopped to think about my kids for a moment, and the whole breakouts at 40?  Ridiculous.

Right now I’m sitting here waiting for a portion of the bathroom floor to dry so I can work on the rest of it.  I swear, that dog is going to be on lock down for a WEEK.  Why is his brain so tiny in relation to his body?  He is a sweet guy, most of the time, but what I see in there was sheer “I’m pissed off at you.”

I’d love to write more – vent a bit of the frustration I feel right now – but I think I’d better crawl back into bed and finish after our little dude is on his way to gramma’s house.  I could spend the next hour scrubbing the bathroom floor and then I’d be tired AND pissy.  Might was well eliminate one of those issues and no, it’s not pissy.

Of course, odds are good that one more hour of sleep isn’t going to help anyway.  Presuming, of course, that I can go back to sleep.  At least the rain outside sounds soothing.

Here’s to Insomnia Month.  I hope it zips by in a blur of red-rimmed eyes and shuffling feet.



One thought on “February, aka Insomnia Month

  1. Been there, done that…but it was on less than a week old new carpet and from a puppy who was sick…LOTS OF MESS. All I can say is it is a good thing we love her! Hope you feel peppy soon!

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