blogger? Maybe… not sure.

Reading groovy stuff at Whiskey in My Sippy Cup (and yes, normally I’d link, but I’m a lazy ass right now).  She’s teaching things that we SHOULD know but don’t.  Going to explore more, but right now I need to get my ass in bed.  And yes, that’s me using “ass” twice…  Nice.

So, this leads me to comment:  Do I consider myself a blogger?  Well.  Yeah.  I haven’t been doing it a long time, but I have been consistent since 2006.  (Wait!  But it says I’ve only been on here since 2008.  Yes, but I started blogging on *cough* freaking Myspace and when I shut down that ridiculous profile, I lost it all – **weeping copiously**)

Here’s the thing.  I’m only mildly technically proficient on this blogging thing.  I’m really more about the writing and hideously lazy about the tech/backdoor stuff.

And no, I don’t mean that in the snooty “Oh la!  I’M all about the writing!” tone.  No, what I mean is that this is the medium that finally broke through for me.  I have absolutely sucked at getting my ass in gear and writing.  I deeply desire to write science/speculative fiction, however (sadly), I suck at writing fiction.  I’m a kick-ass reader, but writing?

not. so. much.


Anyway, I was wondering…  Does this mean I’m not truly a blogger?  I’m only marginally a writer – you know, a fiction created in my own mind.  If I’m not a blogger too?  Well.  Then I’m screwed.

I do love Whiskey for teaching us though.  In case I haven’t said it enough, she is amazing and awesome.  So click my link – the one over there on the right hand side (cuz yes, I’m lazy).  Read her and learn from her.

Maybe I’ll be a true blogger yet.

signing off with a smile,


3 thoughts on “blogger? Maybe… not sure.

  1. I would consider you a blogger and a writer. If you really want to be a writer, practice and read, and if you don’t think that’s enough, you could always take a course in creative writing. One day I too want to be a real writer. (Last sentence said in a wispy, dreamy tone as in “One day I’ll be a princess.”

  2. Bullshit. I call total bullshit.

    You know what a blogger is? SOMEONE WITH A BLOG. You are totally a blogger.

    And the beauty of it is that us, we bloggers, some of us are good at CODE and some of us are good at PROSE and some of us are good as saying ASS twice in a sentence and we all collectively create this forum and we make it what we want it to be.

    Blogging is PERSONAL. Personal means it’s different for you and for me and for everyone. It is what is needs to be for you. Is your blog what you need it to be? Congrats, you’re 12 steps ahead of 95% of the bloggers out there.

    You are a blogger. You are exactly as much a blogger as I am, or they are, or anyone is. Don’t you forget it.

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