A tired post

If you’re not a woman, you won’t get this…

I’m close to ovulating and I feel like I’ve been punched in the side.  By a mean short person.  With a grudge.

I felt it coming on today and knew immediately what was up.  Hard to explain to those around you that you’re being spacey and weird because a part of your physical system is putting you through misery.  So many times I’ve wondered why I didn’t have my doctor get rid of those damned ovaries when she was in there doing all the rest of the work.  Stupid ovarian cysts show up several times a year.  It’s enough to make a woman feel pissy and testy.

Got a bunch of laundry done tonight, with my almost-three year old *helping*.  It was nice to have the company while Bren was reading, though.  I did have to explain that the “white thing” he was holding was a dirty sock and it needed to go back into the pile.  Then he proceeded to march back and forth asking if this bit or that bit was “Bren’s”, “Dada’s”, or “Mom’s”.

I was really did try to get him to actually sort things.  I figure if he’s going to tromp around in a laundry pile, I might as well put him to work.


Apparently that’s not as fun as hauling it around the upstairs…  go figure.

Bren used to love the laundry sorting “game.”  I miss those days.

This reminds me of a time when my mum took us shopping at a mall one time.  A store was having a “Giant Panty” Sale.  And lo, they had a pair of GIANT panties hanging up over the sign.  We had a long bout of snickering going on over that one.  But what flickers through my mind now is how it’d be hard for a store to pull that off in this day and age.  Someone, somewhere would be offended.

Well, Todd’s home from class.  I’m going to say hello and crash.  Too tired and these ovaries are making me insane.



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