I was a bit out of sorts this weekend and I think our little guy was too.  I couldn’t dig up much motivation and felt this overwhelming urge to crawl into bed and stay there.  It wasn’t particularly cold or nasty weather outside.  I didn’t have an overwhelming amount of homework to do.  I did have a ton of housework to tackle and really accomplished nothing of any signficance.  So I’m laying blame for the whole thing on the state of the house which varies, depending on where you are in the house, between total chaos and mild mess.

I’d like to take all of it and just start fresh.  I’d like my fairy godmother to twinkle in, say a few bibbidy-bobbedy-boos and have everything neat, tidy and well-organized.


Ever the dreamer.  That’s me.

Did reasonably well on the quiz this evening.  Got the homework done and scored 100% on that.  Will get nailed for my thread participation this week.  I’m attempting to work up some sort of angst over that, but I’m just not feeling it.  Too many other things rattling around in my head.

Tomorrow is Monday, so I can’t stay like this.  I’m thinking a very early night and LOT’S of sleep is called for right now.

Did something naughty this weekend, however.  I stole away for a few hours, curled up with my mum’s kitty (who was having a sleep-over with us) and I read Sheri S. Tepper’s book, “The Visitor.”  I liked it a great deal and I ended up explaining to Todd why I disappeared today.  I needed a vacation, something that took me away from my brain for what felt like a real amount of time.  Yes, losing yourself in a movie can be a small break, but really it doesn’t allow you to completely immerse in the escape.  You are still aware of the irritating noises around you, the discomforts, and the reality.  When I read a book I end up lost in it, completely gone.  I love that feeling.  It’s like a vacation, but, when you use your library card to do it, it’s free.

Well.  Except for the time spent reading the book.

But that’s beside the point.

What I’ve noticed is this… I can lose myself in a book for a few hours and I usually come out as refreshed as if I’d been gone a few days or even longer.  I thought about it a bit today and I think it’s because of the sense of time passage in a book.  Perhaps it’s a way to trick your brain into feeling that you’ve shared some small part of the time that is passing in the book?  I’m not sure.

On a related note, I once had a dream that created the same effect.  I was in my 20’s and had, as usual, stayed up too late, going to bed when I’d only have about 5 hours of sleep before waking and heading off for work.  The curious thing was that I had a dream while I was chasing those brief hours and in it I dreamt that I woke up and rolled over, sleeping for another 5 hours.  When I did get up for my alarm, I felt wonderful and refreshed.

Since that time I’ve often tried to find the combination that would let me do that again…  Not with any luck of course.  Somehow, in becoming aware of it, I lost it.  Or maybe it was just one of those individual, lucky times?  Not sure.  But heartily bummed I can’t do it again.  Wouldn’t that be the best??  Sleep 5 hours each night, dreaming that you slept it, then woke and rolled over for another 5 (or more)?

I’d get SO much done!

Ah well.

It’s a nice thought, anyway.

It was lovely cuddling with the kitty and I did get some cuddle time with my boys tonight.  Todd turned into the “MIGHTY BAKER” and baked muffins and bread today.  Wild hair, I guess.  The house smells wonderful.  Like a messy bakery.

I suspect I’ll have dreams of yeasty rolls and iced biscuits.  Mmmm….  Kind of lovely, actually.

On that note I’m done.  The kids are tucked in.  The dog is snoozing and snoring lightly.  Todd is enjoying Dune on the tv.  Me?  I’m going for dreamland.



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