Add financial manager to my list of job titles.

We’re in the process of trying to get all of our payments and information switched over to a new bank account.  For the record, this is the biggest pain in the butt, second only in pain to… tweezing hair in a sensitive area… if you know what I mean.  It is only sheer desperation and wicked disappointment with our current bank that causes me to do this.  We were with one bank that made dumb choices (not related to deposit accounts, I might add) and it ended up getting absorbed by a bigger bank who shall remain nameless (but it starts with C and ends with ase… you can fill in the blank).

This means I am having to contact the myriad institutions with which we have automatic payments set up and get the banking information changed.  It is irritating and time-consuming.  But we like the new bank very much and have better chances of doing some good things financially if we build up our business relationship with them.

To make matters even more complex, we’re changing our auto and renters insurance.  I got an outstanding quote for insurance based on where I work and so we’re switching.  This is more paperwork and coordination.

But let’s make things EVEN MORE INTERESTING!  I’m also trying to complete all the benefits paperwork for my return to the university.  It entails insurance paperwork, retirement, and life insurance.

(imagine short, dumpy, pasty woman running around in an office, hair sticking out in static tufts)  ARGH!

I’m thinking I deserve a pastry of some sort for going through all this.  I’m thinking I deserve a back massage, foot massage, AND a pastry (or two).

On top of all this fun stuff, we still haven’t gotten our will put together (and yes, I’m aware this is heinous and just asking for trouble).  I realized this morning that if I died, Todd would have a ridiculous time trying to figure things out.  I’m a poor manager at this point, if we’re going to call me that.  What I want to know is where the hell is my staff to help me out here??  I want an assistant.  I want an assistant who will also cook treats, tidy up my home office, and keep me sane when I have to fill out yet another tedious form with notes about beneficiaries, UTMA, deductions, premiums, and requirements.

I’d lie down on the floor, toes in the air, but with my luck running the way it is, someone would walk in and catch me.

Being a kid is cool.  No one asks you to fill in your social security number 600 times.  You get told what to do, but the upside is someone else makes sure you have clean underpants.

I think the ultimate vacation for a grownup would be to return to kid-dom for a day.  Video games, snacks, cuddles, and mac n cheese.  (Think sick day, without the vomiting)


It’d cost $1200 and there would be 20 forms to fill out, including a liability waiver.


Back to forms, transfers, and coordination. 

cheers from crazy financial manager mom world,


One thought on “Add financial manager to my list of job titles.

  1. Talk about a pain in the butt, you deserve many pastries! Too bad we don’t get to be a kid at least 24 hours a month…and I’m not talking about sleeping/dream time…I’m talking paly/worry and stress free and eating mac and cheese like you said!

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