well, blue bug is in the wash and my pants are snug

Neither of these things have anything in common, but summed up together it paints a good picture of my life.

Oldest son’s favority “huggy toy” in the world (aka best friend) is Blue Bug.  Oldest is 7, Blue Bug is approximately 7 1/2.  Blue Bug now proudly wears about three or four patches, plus a few scars of stitching that were done in haste when it was an emergency.  Now this friend is in the wash with a load of towels and I’m really praying he survives the experience, otherwise I’m going to be sewing like a crazy woman.

As for the pants?  Well.  Hmm.  I haven’t been drinking enough water.  And that’s a weird story that is probably TMI, but what the hell, I might as well get it out there.  I work in a tiny, remodeled house that has been turned into an office.  The bonus about this is that I have a HUGE plate glass window next to my desk.  The downside is a bit of a conglomeration of issues… poor heating (no idea about the cooling, but suspect it’s not great), strange layout with no overhead lighting and finally… one common shared bathroom, right next to one of my boss’s offices.  In truth, there is nothing you can do in that bathroom that isn’t shared with the rest of us in the office.  There are my two bosses and me in this little space and somehow this is just too much closeness.  So I walk down the block to the new fancy nursing and health building for “alone time.”

But the downside to all this is that I’m not drinking enough water and some days I have a raging stomach-ache.

Yes.  I’m afraid to pee in there.  Don’t get me started on other issues.

I’m sure the front desk staff over at the other building are wondering what the hell’s going on.  Why is that lady always marching in here quickly and heading for the bathroom?  Then again, maybe it’s obvious since it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the direction I’m headed.

I’d love to say that the walk does me good, but it’s hard to just slip away when I have to grab my coat.

It’s weird.  It’s awkward.

And if this is the biggest issue I have there….  It’s fine.

So here’s to Blue Bug and here’s to the damn snug pants.  I have hopes for the circumference of my body and Blue Bug will survive, even if I’ve got some sewing in my near future.

cheers from moonfire


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