been through this myself…

This is why I love the blog-world.

Aidan hasn’t eaten dog food yet (that we know of, but that’s always up for debate), but he is tempermental, picky, and perfectly capable of throwing food.  Mostly he simply ejects the food from his mouth, with no warning, down the front of him.  Or he doesn’t even let it get close enough to his face for it to enter his mouth.

He likes fruit, cheese, yogurt, oatmeal and peas.  Sometimes he likes broccoli.  Sometimes he doesn’t.

He likes to express his frustration and irritation with the world by hitting his little noggin on whatever is closest:  wall, door, floor, me or other family members.

I thought he’d grow out of that last one due to it hurting and him figuring out that it hurt.  No.  He still does it and it’s been about a year of it so far.


Lovin’ that.


Had gramma time today.  I need some “mom” time – without the munchkins.  So I’m thinking I need to sell off some books and take my mum out for lunch or something.

I hear the cries of an angry toddler in the background.  Time to go.  ugh.


2 thoughts on “been through this myself…

  1. You used to eat dry dog food by the handful. I could not keep you out of the dog’s bowl. It was also much better than some of the other things you used to eat so I didn’t worry too much.

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