Win some, lose some

This week has been all about the gradual slide into misery.  I am really sick and I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve been through this same damn bug over the last couple of months.  It’s a wicked sinus infection, hitting my ears, throat, and respiratory system.  My left eye is constantly sore and watering.  I feel like some mean old animal with hoofs has kicked me in the head.

Both my bosses today took one look at me and said (stating the obvious, I rather thought), “You’re sick.”  The three of us came to consensus that sending my ass home was a good idea.  So I got home, paid the medical bills from last fall, and took a Norco for the raging pain zipping through my entire skull.  I slept for 3 hours, got up and spent “quality” time with my family.  Now it’s time for another painkiller of sufficient stoutness to whip away the pain once more and hopefully allow me to sleep.

Last night, my throat was so sore that I wanted to cry, if not for the fact that it would make my nose run even worse than it already was.  Todd trundled off to the pharmacy and got me some relief.  That is the sweetest thing I can think of – heading out on a dark, icy winter’s night to get your pathetic sick wife something to kill the pain in her throat.  Seriously – that almost beats roses.

Tonight I’m feeling shaky and crying would be lovely, except, once again, it would make my nose run.  I truly hope this is the worst of it and everything from this point on will be improvement because I am worn out from this.  And please let this be the last of it for the season.  I will go completely bonkers if I end up with another round of this crap.

If there is a guardian fairy for my family, I’d really like her to grant me a couple months reprieve from illness.

Speaking of fairy, a friend shared a pot of tea with me this week (plus incredible salads) – it was called Fairy Flower tea.  It was amazing, yummy and relaxing.


Time for this beaten down system to close for the night.  Hoping for less illness and better health tomorrow – moonfire


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