My response: “He’s freaking BLUE!”

Ok.  Steamed up now.  Just read about how some are viewing Avatar as having racist overtones or subtones or whatever the hell.

Speaking as someone who really enjoyed (and plans to enjoy again) this move, my response when I read this was “But he’s freaking [slight edit there to keep it PG rated] BLUE!”  Seriously, I didn’t care about the race of the guy when he was in his earth body, the part I was interested in was when he was in the Na’vi body.  When he was there, it was right.  The old, soon to be empty shell that he kept leaving behind?  That was the false body.

And the comments about white colonization, etc?  I saw it as a criticism of us as a human race (colors, religions, all of it as one).  I saw it as the human issue – in the story we, as a species, had destroyed our own world.  And we are all very good at bumbling in, making assumptions, and pissing all over what exists naturally in a space.

I say this and I ate Kraft dinner (loosely interpreted as food) so it’s not like I have any room for self-righteousness, believe me.  And I’ve seen too many friends feel the effects of serious racial issues, even now, when we should have all evolved long past the stupidity of treating each other different (ie, poorly) because of who we are, where we come from, what we believe or what we look like.  I don’t belittle issues of race.

But I wonder at what point someone stops and says that something is ludicrous?  When do you stop and appreciate the wonder of something someone has created without looking at artificial issues or creating issues.

I suppose, in the end, each person has the right to think, feel, repond to the stimulus around them.  We absolutely cannot dictate that to others.  But forgive me if I can only think of the wonder that I experienced watching the movie (flaws and all) and how it made me wish that I could fully experience it, just like the character did.  Forgive me if I really wish, just for one day, that I could slip into that role and breathe within that elegant blue body.

Signing off – one short, dumpy and very pasty woman…


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