is it Monday yet?

The short guy will NOT blow his nose.  It would make him feel better, but will he do it?  No.


And apparently, mom is the only one he will deal with.  To top it off, he will argue and say no to everything, even if it’s something he just asked for.

I love my son, but some days I have to dig deep to not put him in cryogenic storage until he’s out of this phase.

It doesn’t help that our oldest has figured out how to completely irritate the crap out of his little brother.  I get that it’s retribution, but would someone please give the parental units a break here???

On a lighter note, I discovered that a Wendy’s Frosty with some Buttershots in it is delicious.  Call it mommy’s special milkshake.  It’s ironic that typically I cannot drink, but mix it with some milk (or in this case milk solids) and I’m good.  And after an exhausting weekend of trying to console and comfort a very sick toddler, I felt completely justified in having a special little dessert off the $1 menu.  Thank you very much.

Now I’m heading to bed.  I’d stay up and read, but I need a decent night’s rest to recover from the insanity of the weekend.  I slept little Friday and Saturday nights because I was extremely worried about my little guy.

please, please, please let the cough leave so he won’t be so miserable…




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