Sick, cranky, whiny child…

Good times.

I can’t give him anything to ease his cough and he is in full-blown argument/whine mode.  I am exhausted and wanted to huck a shoe today at a certain person who shall not be named.

I’d like to note for the record that there are three things people need to know how to say:

1. Thank You

2. I’m sorry

3. I love you

If you can’t say them, you have a problem.

Small dude is miserable and he’s taking us down that road with him.  I think it’d be easier to deal with if I could give him some kind of relief, but I can’t.  All I can do is cuddle him.

Bren has been shuttled aside today because of it all.  So tomorrow we’re baking cherry chip cupcakes.  Maybe that will cheer us all up.

It’s pretty sad when you’re wondering how long until you can go back to work so you can get a bit of rest.

Time to sleep because I’m betting tomorrow will be a long day.  Did get my class postings done today and I’m on track to do all my reading tomorrow.  But for now?  Sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep.



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