…it finally happened…

Todd called me today and told me I had to call Brennan’s teacher.  We had a convoluted, confused conversation (onomatopeia, yay!) and then I called.

Brennan decided to take the AR tests on the three Harry Potter books we read last summer.  Today.  So he needs a total of 50 points to get to the trophy for AR (accelerated reading program for those who don’t have to go through it).  With those 3 books he scored 43 points – he got 100% on all three.  Here’s the problem:  I read them to him LAST summer and I did the reading, not him.


So he got credit for the other two books he read last night – and yes, that was last night – but he had to give up the others.  Here he is, 7 years old and a first grader… I tell him that he’s ready to read the first one on his own and you know what he says??  He says he wants to read the 5th one!  Um.  No.  You’re not ready.

In the end he agreed to start with the beginning.  He can finish the stack of other things he is enjoying right now and then he can dig into HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  He’s ready and I know he is.

As for me?  It’s not like I didn’t think something would crop up, I just didn’t expect it at 7.  And I love the fact that he’s so psyched about reading.  He has some in his pile that aren’t AR, so that isn’t what’s driving it.  He’s finally crossed that threshhold – the one where reading goes from being something you work at to something that is amazing good fun.  **That would be me doing cartwheels and cheering in the background**

We are still laughing about it all though.  When I called Bren’s teacher to clarify the mess that Todd told me on the phone, she said that Brennan took FIVE AR tests today and got 100% on all of them, scoring 50 points.  I kid you not – my eyebrows just about shot right off my face and I believe I said something along the lines of “Are you kidding me???”  I am absolutely certain that he will do something that will shock me again and it’s entirely possible that it’ll happen again soon, but that was seriously the most shocked I’ve been in a long time.

I’m glad that he remembered what we read, especially since it was about 6 months ago and it didn’t seem like he was paying attention at the time, but we did have a talk tonight about why that wasn’t the whole idea of AR.

And he’s good about it.

In the meantime, I am working away on things for my class and hoping that I survive my apparent brain-fry that is going on right now.  I feel like I’m fuzzy and unfocused.  It couldn’t have anything to do with a small, pale child coughing all night last night?  That’s my final comment.  I’m dreadfully worried about Aidan.  He is so pale and this damn cough cropped up.  I actually said a little prayer out into the cosmos last night.  I just want him to get fatter and rosier and smilier.  Is that too much to ask?

My poor little guy.  I wish he would feel better.  There should be a rule that the little guys can’t get sick.  It just isn’t right.

Signing off for tonight – one tired moonfire…


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