and NOW the nerves set in…

Oh yeah.  The nerves are kicking in.  I’ve got my clothes loosely picked out for tomorrow.  I have things to pack for lunch.  My hair is freshly colored and my skin is nicely broken out.  (yay me)  I was going to pack up more things tonight, so I could take them to my new office with me, but I don’t have any idea about what the layout will be like or if there is a fridge for my lunch… or… or… and, well you get the idea, right?

I decided to keep it simple.  I made banana/chocolate chip muffins this evening.  I’ll pack those and some veggies, plus my cup for water.  I’ll eat a good breakfast, so I’ll have energy in the morning.  I’m dressing professionally, but comfortably, as I expect I’ll be poking through a lot of physical files to get an idea of how things are set up.  I’m going to wear just the tiniest amount of makeup to hide the previously mentioned breakouts since I’ll be getting my new staff ID done tomorrow.  Plus I’m going to stop by the parking off and get my bus sticker for my ID card.  It’s worth free bus fare for the entire school year while I’m staff and I’ll be using it.  Bicycle, foot, bus and when necessary, then I’ll be dropped off or drive in if I need the vehicle to get to off-campus appointments (like the web training appointment I have on Tuesday).   If I can get myself down to 90% alt commute, I’ll consider it successful.

Gah.  I’m broken out like a teenager.  Nice.  Thanks skin.  I needed that.

If I do start dropping weight and I can wear my old clothes, I’m going to donate my “larger” (cough) work-wear to the women’s shelter.  I’d like to see it get used by someone who can use it once I’m through with it.

Sadly, that is likely a ways off.  First I have to deal with the winter weather and getting the bike set up with fenders, plus I need a helmet.  That takes money and we won’t have it for a few more weeks.


Bren’s having a rough time going to sleep.  So it looks like we’re going to get him to sleep as a family.  This means I’m done for the night.

Cheers from the land of chaos,


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