We’re having a rough time getting Aidan, our 2 year old, to eat foods containing protein.  He’ll do dairy – cheese, yogurt, etc., just fine, but chicken and meat is a problem.  He won’t do refried beans and whole beans with rice can be hit and miss.  So I looked up chocolate tofu pudding on the net and tonight, in desperation, I made some.

First off, when I was a kid the thought of tofu gave me the heebie-jeebies.  I’m really texture sensitive, so tofu just was NOT working for me.  It isn’t an issue of taste, since tofu tastes like whatever you flavor it with – but texture… eww.

So I went into this hoping for something reasonably ok.  I didn’t have high expectations.

It was sooooo good.

I used firm tofu, a bit of milk (about a 1/4 cup), vanilla – I have the good stuff, none of the artificial crap, cocoa powder, honey, and then I mixed in some semi-sweet chocolate chips – some were melted in the microwave and some were put in whole.

It came out with a rich, chocolate flavor, plus little tiny bits of the semi-sweet morsels through-out.  It was better than the store mixes plus everyone in the family liked it.  Aidan ate it without issue and Brennan, who is the pickiest eater on the planet, ate it even knowing it was tofu.

We’ve discussed it and decided it’s worthy of repeat, plus we’re going to try banana/cinnamon and I’m going to work on a lemon version.  I told Todd I could do a “tiramisu” version with the chocolate stuff layered with a a version done out of coffee, then top it with whipped cream.  Mmmm….

Even if I made it a couple times a month, it’d be better than our current fight.

We’re also doing some things with TVP, since money is incredibly tight and we need to stretch our budget until it squeaks.  TVP mixed with ground turkey stretches things a good distance and frankly, in soups and chilis, it works as a total subsitute.  TVP is a super source of both protein AND fiber.  Talk about a score on that one.  The boys like it done up with taco seasonings for our soft tacos.

Tomorrow is Sunday.  I can’t believe the end of my holiday is already here.  It seems so short.  I spent too much of this past week sick, so that part stinks, but I did get time with the kids.  Maybe it wasn’t great time, filled with lots of concrete memories, but it was still good.  For all of us.

Todd and I put a little teamwork into effect today and tackled the big laundry pile.  It was performing mitosis in our hallway, so we had to get a bit focused and beat it back.  By the end of tomorrow, it’ll be reasonable (just in time to pull bedding off the kids beds and work on that).

Brennan didn’t make his reading goal for December, which sucks as it means he misses out on his free coupon for a small pizza.  At the same time, it appears to have lit a fire under his butt as he read (self-directed) for almost 2 hours today – broken up into about 3 seperate pieces.  He told me that he loves reading because he can picture the stories out of the chapter books in his mind.  I wanted to cry.  That’s why I love reading so much.  Movies are fun and enjoyable, but you just can’t ever lose yourself in a movie the way you can with a book.  When you become more and more fluent in reading it gets all the better.  Now he’s starting to discover this and he loves it.

I need to head to bed now.  My body has become accustomed to staying up late now.  I am going to have to retrain it to be ready for sleep earlier, although not nearly as freaking early as before.  We still have to be up early with Aidan on the weekdays, but it won’t be nearly as horrible as getting up at 5am so I could be out the door by 5:40am.  Gah.

Anyway, time to knock off for the night.



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