Insomnia blog number???

This one was due more to the house being too hot, versus my normal stressing.  So here I am, walking the dog, putting the kitty in the bathroom and thinking about whether or not I should go to the doctor or not.  On one hand, I have insurance until Thursday and I should perhaps get checked out.  On the other hand, do I really want to spend $30 out of our meager budget to go so they can tell me that I have a virus and just need to ride it out?  (You know – “drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest” – the usual thing)

If I had a third hand, and believe me, as a mom, I sometimes wish I did – if I had a third hand I’d remind myself that being sick next week is really NOT an option.  It appears that researching my symptoms on the net is not working this time, either.  I have crud in my eyes and ridiculous pain in my mouth.  Do I take a chance?  Bah.

I think the human body is just a pool of germy misery waiting to happen.

I have a theory though.  And this is just a theory.  I’m willing to bet this is secondary infection from being on the antibiotics.  I haven’t had it happen in a long time, but I’m betting that’s what has happened.

Big help that theory is…

Ok.  Wimping and moaning gets me nowhere.  Time to pull it together and go back to bed, otherwise the kids will have me up early and I’ll be really miserable.

It did snow last night.  Pretty fluffy stuff.  Our back yard looks nice for now.  Later it’ll be a boggy mess, but right now it’s blanketed beautifully.

moonfire heading back to bed, cheers.


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