A friend sent me a cool link…


I adore this site.  I’m in a much too practical mode of thinking these days to truly enjoy the site for all it’s worth, but it still makes my heart beat a bit faster.  There’s a moonstone ring on there that I’d love to have.

I say this when this morning brought about an adventure in which our van battery died.  Luckily for me (given that I had two small children with me), Airport Chevron has a battery service and came to us rather than us having to call AAA to get there.  And the tiny tin can of a car has bald tires, which I discovered when I attempted to turn on to our street this morning and could not.  It snowed last night and it was slick as hell, presuming hell could be an icy, snow-covered place where cars do not function as one intends.

My mouth is sore and eating is still an adventure, but at least I know I’m not contagious now and I have picked up some things to help work through this.  Citrus, tomato, hot, spicy…. they all hurt.  Good times.  Todd made spaghetti for dinner tonight and it was like eating needles, but I ate it because it smelled delicious and I was hungry.  If all goes well, I should be healing nicely over the weekend.

As for the headaches, the nausea, and the general feeling that I am roadkill?  Tylenol works nicely on the headaches, eating helps the nausea and sleeping a crapload appears to be icing the run-over sensation.  Perhaps I simply need to view this as nature/fate’s way of saying “HEY, slow the hell down and take care of yourself!!”

Or it’s flipping me the bird.

I haven’t decided which yet.

Watched Julie & Julia today.  Loved it.  Had no desire to see it previously, but learned more about it and decided to give it a shot.  Inspired me to view my blogging from the proper perspective.  No, I do not think of myself as a writer, but at least (as I can) I get out here and I put thoughts down.  If nothing else, my writing has grown because of it.  Still no urges to write a book nor do I think a good fictional story resides in this all-too-logical brain.  I am simply too literal and the only time I have good creative story ideas is when I’ve just surfaced from dreaming.  The rest of the time I cannot let go of the minutiae and I sink under it.

I really think I need more fantasy in my life.  Somewhere, along the way I’ve lost that sense of magic.  That’s why I got the link from Patty and felt a big warm helping of happiness.  Imagination, creativity, hope…  all those things keep life from being a drudgery of the mundane.  It’s not that I have to live a certain way to find it.  Rather, I’d like to think that letting my mind go free once in a while is a good thing.  Kind of like watching Labyrinth and imagining waltzing with the goblin king… before returning to the world of school, work, dirty diapers and all the frets of a busy mom.

Time for bed.  The kids are resisting sleep.  It’s late and we all need our rest.  Tomorrow we’ll have a lovely day together before celebrating the retiring of 2009 and the birth of 2010.

cheers from moonfire (finally healing)


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