You HAVE to be kidding.

Last night my upper lip felt like I had been punched.  I know the warning signs, so of course I went online to get my prescription for the cold sore medication refill done.  Easy peasy.  No worries.  Had them (twice) this past year, so between bad immune system and the stress of the last few months, having this show up is no surprise.


Waking up this morning feeling puny was unexpected…  As was the surprise of a gradual descent into fever, headache, nausea, bodyache, cough, choking sensation, and feeling that a bus had just run me over.


This sucks.

I cannot decide if the cold sore and the illness are related or if this is just incredibly poor timing.  I’m hoping for the former, if for no other reason than I’d like to get over the whole mess in one fell swoop.

The kids, in the meantime, are running around like wild men.  They have Mickey Mouse ear hats on and it’s an interesting thing to watch.  Todd is sitting in the other chair, trying to work up motivation to create something reasonably healthy for dinner.  I sympathize.  I would help, but I’m just trying to get together enough energy to drink some hot tea, eat some citrus and some bread & butter, then make the bed and crawl in to it.  I slept in my robe and slippers today.  That’s how cold I was.  And that was after turning the heat up to 70 (which is typically uncomfortable for me).

Ok.  I need hot tea.  I need some food.  I need to get up out of this chair and try for a last push before I fade.

One question though.  Why is it that the kids get exponentially more loud and obnoxious in opposition to how crappy a parent feels???

2010 better be a hell of a lot more healthy than 2009.  I’m just sayin’.



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