I feel witty…

No.  I do not feel witty.  I do not feel pretty, either.

I feel like a lump.  Bah.  No humbug, just a bah.

Why, oh why, did I not set my last day as 12/23????


It’s not quite 7pm on a Monday night and here I am, heading for bath and bed already.  I hate being tired and I’m dead-tired.  I know that Thursday, 2:30 pm will come and the tension will leave my teeth… the tension in my neck will melt away… and the stiffness in my right shoulder will be banished.  Joy and freedom from the incredible stress! Yes!

Until then I will take hot baths each night and I will smile.  The end of the tunnel is here and I see a lovely glow, not a rushing headlamp.


Saw Avatar this weekend.  Warning – I am prone to gushing about this movie.  It is a visual sensory delight and I greatly enjoyed the story.  I want to visit this place and perhaps stay a while.  Will write more when my sad body isn’t feeling cold and faintly sore.


One last note: Our 2-year old is in full fighting mode lately.  Only problem is, he bangs his head on things or against things or even bangs things against his head.  It’s freaky, scary, and we’re rapidly getting frustrated with it.  Do I need to buy my child a helmet??  His anger is amazing to behold.  Who knew such a small, angelic looking child could get so totally pissed off at the world??


Happy Winter Solstice,


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