The final week

A week from tomorrow I’ll be finishing my final day at the software company.  It’s a mixed set of feelings I’ve got right now.  I don’t want to imply I have doubts, because I don’t.  It doesn’t change the fact that I’m leaving people that I’ve worked with and that represents a connection, even though I’m very happy to go back to my “family.”

I spoke to our CEO today.  He’s a nice man – at least on a personal level.  I’ve really got no idea what he’s like from a business perspective.  He understood when I chatted with him about the insurance.  I told him I know that it’s difficult for a smaller company.  I also put a plug in for my team-mates.  He needs to know how good they’ve been.  I would have lost my mind two months ago if it hadn’t been for the team I work with.

Anyway.  Tomorrow is a half day.  I’m glad.  I’m tired and I feel worn out.  There’s a distinction, believe me.  Tired is physical.  Worn out is more psychological/emotional.

Time to go read a book with the boys.



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