Success and bad mommy moment

I was offered the position and I accepted it this afternoon.  They fought for a higher starting salary for me, so I didn’t have to negotiate for one – something that really sets a wonderful tone for the start of this new (and latest) adventure.

No qualms.  No fretting that this is bad for me as a mom.  I chose to do this because I’m a mom and I have a great deal of peace with the decision.  Plus, school is going really well.  It will go even better with me NOT being a stress case.

Because of the work they did on my behalf, the financial impact will be less than I had been planning for.  It’ll mean a few dollars less each month and that’s it.  I could sell part of my book collection and make up for it.  Or… stop with the lattes… but not until the egg nog lattes retire for the year, ok?  Let’s consider it my Christmas present.

On the bad mommy moment – I spilled my son’s glass of water all over his homework sheets that he was supposed to work on tonight.  I feel totally rotten about it.  I apologized up one side and down the other.  He accepted very sweetly.  It didn’t hurt that essentially he’s off the hook tonight.  He’s been out sick the last two days and frankly, I don’t really think he should go back tomorrow.  I need him to rest so he won’t stay sick through the whole holiday season.  Ick.

Our short guy is happy with his new big-boy bed and I’m overcoming the trauma of selling the crib.  I don’t know that I’ll ever adjust fully to how quickly my boys are growing.  I’ll close my eyes and next thing I know they’ll be in college.

oh yeah.  Don’t even get me started about Aidan going to kindergarten.  Yes, it’s in over two years.  I know this.  But just thinking about it, even for a second, throws me into weepiness.

Time to close this down.  Bren is down with the crud and can’t go to scouts tonight.  This is bringing much sadness.  I’m recovering – Todd is recovering – Aidan is starting into it.

Yay us.

It’s not that bad.  It’s just tough getting our oldest to understand that being sick means limitations so he doesn’t share with everyone around us.

ok.  I’m done.



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