ouch, my head

Monday cannot come quickly enough.  Odd to write that.

For the record?  Today was my 6 months at my job.  I made it half a year.  It feels interminably longer than that.  And, as I’ve noted before, no mention nor sign of discussion about salary review.  It was hooey.  I know that.  Still, there is the tiniest part of me that was curious to see what this month would bring.

I can’t believe it is the 18th of November.  Where has the time gone?  Lost, I suspect, in a haze of stress, school and random illnesses that float, snivel and sneeze through our household.

I have a headache today.  I know what it is and I know that it started with the department meeting this morning.  I took 2 ibuprofens and a mock-sudafed.  The more-than-ghost of it is residing in my temples and my teeth.  Does this mean that I won’t sleep as well tonight?  It’s possible.

I slept a deep, wonderful sleep last night.  Then I read on the ‘net today how the state we live in is going to have to do yet more cuts to public education.  Schools are being sliced to the bone.  I am told that the mood at the university where I’m interviewing is bleak and morale is low.

And this is just state government.  The revenues flow there from the public and it is all the worse there.  Many jobs are gone, with little to no hope that they’ll return.  How do we help those who are left out there, needing to work, yet unable to find something that will support them?  The jobs (very few) that are being created don’t come close to filling the large gap that has materialized.  Worse yet, there is no pattern that those jobs opening up are where the worst losses came.  It likely sounds simple – go where they are, but how difficult is that when you have no money and the last of your resources are evaporating?

If this inteview on Monday doesn’t result in a job offer, I won’t cry over it.  I have a job.  It may be beating me to a pulp, but how much worse would it be if I didn’t have one at all?  It scares the crap out of me to consider.  We would be homeless.

The line between surviving and not making it is thin for a lot of people right now, with many falling below that line.  If I had one wish right now, I think it would be that I had the resources to help even just a few of them.

Now that I’ve made myself feel blue about things, it’s time for a hot bath to warm the chill.  The kids are self-entertaining and I really need some bubbles to chase away pensive thoughts.  I think a hot rum toddy would go a long way to scuttling those blues too.  If only alcohol didn’t give me such a miserable head afterwards…

cheers on this cold November evening… hoping that 2010 will bring good things to all of us,



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