I took a very strong painkiller about an hour ago so I’m not sure this will be coherent.  But I’m willing to give it a shot.

It’s still chaos in our household.  I’ve become resigned to the fact that it is status quo for us, so expecting anything else would be nuts.  Todd’s changing from one university to another.  He’s shifting into a more applied undergraduate degree program and we both think (know) he’ll be happier.

I sent off a resume and brief cover-letter email to a hiring manager on my old campus.  I miss it and if I’m going to make incredibly poor money, I want to be with the people I love.  The epiphanies of the last 5 months have given me a new perspective on things.  Maybe it will be viewed as giving up, but much that I valued before has gone out the door.  At the risk of this sounding drug-induced, I know what is important to me.  If it means having to pinch pennies in order to be good each day, well that’s fine.

Had the parent-teacher conference for my oldest yesterday.  He is doing exceedingly well in his class.  Even better, he seems happy.  We’ve had some issues with the writing/composing homework and I was turning into a horrid mom about it.  After having a wonderful venting session with my counselor last night (who I adore by the way), I realized that it isn’t the end of the world and I need to coach him but not worry over it like I have been.

He’s on his own time-table, just like he has been since he was in the womb.  As long as I guard him, feed his mind, and keep him healthy?  Well, then it’s good.

Our little guy is hanging in there.  I’m still missing out on his young-guy years, but maybe a few things will turn for us over the next couple of months.  That’s my hope.  And right now hope is what I need.

cheers to all,


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