kindred spirits, lemon cake, and applesauce

Bren has a great friend in his class…  She’s a fantastic kid – a great influence and she has spunk, which I like.  Her mom is also super and this week is driving back and forth to pick up our short guy.  The mom invited Bren to come over after school for today.  So I got over there and we had a fun visit over kid-chaos, tea and espresso (tea for me, espresso for her).  Aidan loved their doggy and the bird.  I loved the bonding that happens when you’ve both experienced the ins and outs of parenting sensitive kids AND dealing with the school district policies at the same time.

I sense a budding friendship here.

On the “Bad Mommy Front” – I gave Aidan applesauce and lemon cake for dinner.  I’m exhausted and I was gone from home for 12 hours before we got back to the house to fast baths, quick homework and the two older “boys” in our household heading off to scouts.

I’m toast.

So it’s applesauce and lemon cake.

I promise, on my honor as a mommy, tomorrow night is veggies and chicken or something else healthy.

He’s having milk too…  so it’s not ALL bad.

yeah.  I’m not buying it either.

Bed time is in 1/2 an hour.  I have a stomach ache (again) and I’m pleasantly optimistic I’ll get 6 or 7 hours of sleep tonight.

That’s it for me.  I’ve got nothing left and it’s time to finish the last couple bites of cake, read some poetry and songs to the small guy, then it’s bed.

moonfire aka mommy in the doghouse


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