bed time

I survived the final (3 hours) and finishing up my last assignment (it was fun).

Weird to say that class is done.  It’s good, but weird.  Now I have a week to rejuvenate, at least as far as school is concerned, then it’s back to the day in/day out of class.  My next one is Project Management.  That’s a resume builder of a class, so there’s that added bonus.  And it’s one more step along on the journey that is my MISM.

I stop to look at that and realize it’s awfully close to Misery.  I hope that’s just an accident.

The kids are tucked in.  They aren’t sleeping, but they’re tucked in.  Todd is plugging away on his programming homework and I’m preparing to take the drugs necessary to keep me sane.  Or close to sane… anyway.

I am planning to write the counter-point to all the stress and unhappiness I’ve been spewing forth, but I don’t have the time right now.  It needs to be said but I need to get my butt to bed so that the long day facing me tomorrow isn’t hideous.  Or maybe so it won’t be AS hideous.  I don’t know.  Hard to quantify at this point.

Is it possible to be happy?  I think it is.  It really helps when you can look out at the world and not feel completely buried under all the weirdness and b.s.

I’ll let you know when that happens.



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