Winding down

Nice day with the kids.  It was quiet, normal and busy.  I managed to accomplish some things and missed out doing others…  I didn’t get my reading finished, but I did get a good portion of the laundry done – so I guess it’s a case of winning some and losing some.

Todd’s got the old Star Trek series on, the episode with Khan.  He was a fascinating character, although the series shows it’s age with some of the sexism.  I loved (and still love) it, but I definitely appreciated the new series’ that came out much more.  Nothing is guaranteed to piss me off more than ridiculous ideas about what roles are good for women.  Ugh.

That aside, it’s fun to listen to.

I especially liked the line about “superior men, superior ambition.”

I have about 5 minutes until it is time to go to bed.  I wish I could be home tomorrow.  It’s a futile wish, so I suppose I should just let it go.  But that’s easier said than done, kind of like ignoring the elephant sitting in the room.  There is a lot of thinking to do now.  I don’t know what the next two months are going to bring.  Changes will certainly be coming.  I can’t continue on the way I’ve been going.  My body has made that clear to me…

I can hear the little guy in the boys’ room.  He’s doing his normal jabbering.  I expect it’ll go on for another 20 minutes or so.  He’s certainly determined and won’t give up, not until his little eyes finally fall shut.

Brennan is tired.  He was a great help tonight.  I taught him how to fold some of the laundry and he was very sweet about trying to help me out.  He’s wearing the concert t-shirt his dad got him last night for school tomorrow.  It’s gigantic on him – hanging down almost to his knees.  I love it.

Crud.  I need to take my sleeping pill and go to bed.  I’m hopeful that I’ll be sleeping normally within the next two weeks.  At least that’s what I’m hoping for with the light box.  Cross fingers for me.  I really hate taking the pills.

cheers on a quiet Monday night,


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