Brief one

Just wondering if anyone else out there deals with seasonal affective disorder?  Have you tried a light box?

Mine should be here next week.  Early am shift is creating some side-effects that I couldn’t have expected.  I hope the light box does the trick because pills suck.  It’s portable.  I’m counting on it to work because I feel like I went to bed one night over the last couple of weeks and someone snuck a crazy woman in my body.

It’s either that or the compounded stress of everything is causing me to lose my mind… or what was left of it.

Even though some of my customers at work are contributing to me hating it, some of them are completely wonderful.  To Mrs. F, down south…  You are one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever talked to.  To Ms. L, on the eastern coast:  You made me laugh in the midst of feeling really miserable… thank you.

good night.


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