Balance between dreams and reality, plus our Anniversary Weekend

Our anniversary weekend get-away with the kids was lovely.  They drove us just slightly nuts and they are massively over-tired, but then that’s part of having kids, so it’s fine….  I’m glad we had them with us though.  It just didn’t seem right to not have our family together.  We were treated impeccably by the hotel where we stayed and the surprise that I arranged with the hotel was perfect.

I have to make this brief because it’s already time to eat a light dinner then get ready for bed.

I have discovered recently that it is a very hard thing to balance between what you truly dream of and what reality consists of.  If I let myself go and allow for freedom to imagine what it would be like if I could follow my dream, it makes dealing with reality just that much harder.  The dreams in question are not likely to ever happen, so letting myself go and give in to the urge to imagine it?  Unhealthy.

Instead, I have to focus on doing the best I can, given the circumstances of how things really are.  Some days that’s tougher than others.  It seems easier when I’m in the workweek routine.  Isn’t that sad?  When I have good, subtantial time with my family I feel the tug and pull of that dream… and it makes it all the worse when I have to go back to reality.

Maybe I’ll let myself indulge in imagining, just one more time tonight as I drift off…

Cheers from moonfire and family


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