Submitted my first assignments for my programming logic class.  I had myself worried into a tight little ball of anxiety because I began doubting my ability to do it.  Now it’s done and I look at it and think, whoa, that looks great.

Ugh.  I need to have more confidence in my abilities.

Read Junie B. Jones – First Grader:  Dumb Bunny to Brennan tonight.  Oh my hell!!!  Those are the best books, ever!  (that’s an inside joke…)

Laughed my butt off during the reading.  Had to stop and collect myself a couple times.  Plus I had to blow my nose every 3-4 minutes, so reading it took a while.

Next time Brennan will read one of them to me.

Time for bed.  Stupid cold is still here.  House is a mess.  Laundry isn’t done.  But I got my school stuff done for the week and I really enjoyed it.

Got time with my boys and Todd and I have had some cool conversations about programming logic (mostly OOP), as well as a brief conversation about the philosphy of virtues (homework he’s working on)…  Damn.  I love talking to him about the things we’re studying.  It makes being an online student ok, plus it gives us a chance to exercise our flabby brains together.  Loving it.  Really.

Good night.  Wish healthy thoughts our way.  I could use it and so could the kids.



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