Post concert euphoria

Todd and I are socially inept.  Or rather, we rarely get out of the house to be social.  We bought tickets a while back, for Marilyn Manson… We just got back from the concert, hungry and completely jazzed.  Love him or hate him, he gets a reaction.  I’ve enjoyed his music because he manages to mock everyone, including himself.  Nothing is sacred and all too often, people react against him because he has gravely offended them… without understanding his intent.  I don’t place some kind of altruistic motives on him, but damn, he seriously knows how to dig into things and expose the ugly, the raw, the distasteful… and he makes a comment on the very thing that he is exposing.

I listened to him on NPR years ago and was blown away.  He’s a freak – no doubt about it – but he’s also got a fascinating brain in that freaky persona he’s developed.

Tonight was everything I could have hoped for.  Ok, except for one thing… the massive dude standing in front of us.  That guy had to have been about a foot and a half taller than me – and most of the rest of the people attending.  He was in front of us and he seriously blocked about 3/4’s of the view of the stage.  I worked my way towards the front and finally could see.

But that is a small thing, in the greater scheme of things that could have gone wrong.  I was a bit worried that dumb-asses would get drunk and get obnoxious.  To my amazement, it didn’t happen.  The crowd was amped up, but still relatively well-behaved… isn’t that a freakish thing to say about a MM concert?

And you know how to be a rebel at a concert like that?  Dress in pale pink with white ankle socks and Keds.

Actually, we saw Alice in Wonderland there – she looked fantastic.  We also saw a crap-load of black and some of it was completely fascinating…

What ultimately tripped me out though was the age range.  I expected to feel old and damn, I was wrong.  It was an all-ages show and there were a couple teenage kids but really the majority of the crowd was on the older end of the spectrum – ie, 30+.  May I just say that some of us “old farts” were out there rocking out, while some of the younger folks looked like they’d run out of energy…  WTH?  I worked a freaking early shift and I managed to move my butt….

Anyway, it was entertainment and it beat my expectations.  Now if only Rob Zombie would come back again… my year would be set.


On a related point, a couple of my friends at work (yes, I have them – illness has departed from my body, leaving me more aware of how good I have it) were blown away that I was going to this concert (willingly).

As I’ve noted in the past, we have different “hats” we wear.  I highly doubt I’ll show up at work in my heavy, knee-high, lace-up black boots… think combat, only right up to the knee.  I have my skull shirts (about 4 sizes too freaking small right now) and my vintage clothes that I love.  I’m also mom – in, cringe, mom-jeans and a t-shirt… I’m also tech support, again with the comfy jeans and a t-shirt…  Ok, so I like wearing jeans…

But my point is this – I don’t live as one person.  I am many things – student, parent, friend, spouse, and, sometimes, when the moon is full and opportunity presents itself, I dress up in whatever black clothing catches my fancy and I go out to listen to goth or rock or industrial.   I like the fact that there is more to me than what folks assume.  It makes me feel like I have parts to explore about myself.

And you know what?  I looked at this kid tonight – a teenager about 15 or so – and I thought “cool… someday I’ll be heading out for good music with Brennan and later, Aidan.”  I’m sure he’ll find something I hate at some point, but maybe…. just maybe… we’ll have some fun intersections.  I’m looking forward to that day when I can turn to Todd and Bren and laugh, sweaty from dancing my butt off.  It’ll be pure joy.

Cheers on this night of full moon and some adventure,


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