The Degree Plus…

Todd and I have discussed it and we believe if you can get through a college degree while you have young children (especially toddlers), you deserve a degree and a half or a special award or something.

This is rough.  I’ve been trying to do discussion postings, all while dealing with two children jumping on me, crying when bumps happen, and the general chaos that tends to flow with them as they move through their little, shiny, bright lives.

If an employer ever asks me about my degree, I’d be highly tempted to say this:  “I survived my graduate degree, all the while juggling the 29 lb flying fury with the sippy cup.  I can handle anything you throw at me.”


Work is “interesting.”

I’ll leave it at that.  I may end up having to defend myself about how I helped a customer and I will 100% stand by what I did and said.  Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, especially in the face of rigid but erroneous beliefs.  That’s all I’ll disclose on that topic.  I’ll also say that I love my boss.  He is funny, dedicated, and intelligent.  It is fun to listen to his stories and he is one of the most reinforcing people I’ve ever worked for.  I like it.

I just hope I survive my time in tech support.  It is freaking HARD work.

Time for relaxation before bed.  I wish I could turn off the stresses of the day like a switch. sigh.



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