weak, but recovering

I’ve been down sick for a full week.  I went back to work last Thursday, after being out Wednesday with high temps and that was a mistake.  I ended up down until last night.  Enterovirus or viral meningitis for a second round… or a combination of things.  Doc doesn’t know, but the bloodwork says my white blood cell count and liver function are abnormal.  This was Friday blood.  I go in for follow up, and hopefully more healthy blood, on Wednesday.

I’m down 7lbs and I feel weak.  But I can look at the computer screen without my head screaming and I can eat real food without gagging.  I was on Norco for the pain and I’m able to be off that now, a relief.  But it was the only thing that worked on the pain, so I’m glad the doc gave it to me.

I’ve slept loads.  I’ve sweated and hallucinated loads too.

I’ve learned the importance of health insurance and there’s no way we’re going to go any longer without it.  I didn’t go to the ER on Thursday night, even though my temperature was well up over 104.  I made the choice because I didn’t want to harm my family financially, but it was a stupid, dangerous thing to do.

Even now, knowing that I did all the right things to bring down my temperature, I know that I should have gone in.  If something had gone wrong…

Well. It was stupid.

Now I have to take my final for my intermediate accounting class.  I haven’t studied.  I am going into it with a 92.92, but I expect a C for the grade…. if I’m lucky.

My counselor told me to shoot for mediocre.  Well.  Ok.  Here goes.  I’m still going to do my best but I know my best won’t be good enough – so instead, I’m going to ENJOY it.  Finally… a final with no pressure.


Time for more fluids and the test.

moonfire in recovery


One thought on “weak, but recovering

  1. Oh, I hope you get better soon. That’s so horrible!
    I’ve been there were you would rather suffer than take the financial hit of going to the emergency room. Medicare for all.

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