Final done, yay.

Almost 2 hours.  I got tired in the middle of it and just wanted to get up and leave, which, technically speaking… I can do, since I’m at my house.  But I ground through it.  It was easier than the midterm.  It had this system of depreciation on it that seems to be very hokey, but I worked through it.

I left one piece not quite finished.  I got to the point where the headache showed up again and I decided to end my suffering.  I did 90% of that question though and it’s the only one that I didn’t completely finish.


I read something interesting yesterday.  It said if you have friends at work, you’re more likely to have a positive experience.  I have one person at work that I consider a friend and another I’d consider a friend if we had the time to be friends with each other, but nothing like I had at the university.  They were family.

I miss that.

I wonder if that’s why I feel kind of disconnected at work?

I work with good people.  We all work very hard.  But do I feel safe there?  No.  Do I feel like I’ve settled in?


I looked at the title of one of our books yesterday and it hits me today that I relate… I haven’t read it in a while, but maybe I’ll pull it off the shelf and dust if off.  “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

The fact is that I feel a sense of loneliness creeping up on me.  Being sick has made it into a deeply felt thing, so I take my current feelings with a grain of salt…  but they are still there.

I miss the people I used to work with, even as I don’t miss my old job (what job…)…..

There is a position open at the university – at the level I worked in before I left for my new job.  Do I run back, tail between my legs, to the type of job I know – in an environment that I understand?


I miss my friends.  Seems like it’s time for a visit.



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