Random thoughts on a Sunday

I’m getting ready to settle in and do this week’s course readings, but wanted to take a moment to write out some random thoughts before they escape me.  Still battling the last bits of that crappy headache.  Lived on Darvocet for the last two days and, sadly, I’m feeling the “after-effects” of it.  Blech.

Brennan appears to be in the recovery stage of Fifth’s Disease, based on the weird red patterning on his cheeks.  He looked pretty glassy for a bit, but seems to be coming out of it nicely.  I was really impressed to learn that he was infectious BEFORE the symptoms showed up and the incubation period is long enough that we might not be out of the woods with Aidan yet.  Yay.

And Aidan is seriously in the “Twos” stage.  Holy crap.  All that stuff about being mellow?  Blown out of the water completely.

He still looks like angel when he’s asleep though… and he sure is a cuddly guy.

I got my midterm grade.  I got about 10% points higher than I expected or deserved.  It’s an uncomfortable feeling, knowing that I didn’t deserve the grade I got.  But what do you do?  It’s not really appropriate to go back to the prof on the course and say, “I’m really sorry, but I didn’t deserve that grade and could you please re-evaluate it… lower?”

I just submitted my second project (there’s one more to go).  I actually think I did well on it.  If I lose any points, it’s because of something small and stupid that I missed.  I reviewed my work on it (done in Excel) and it looks good.  I had an issue with the freight-out number listed, but decided that’s a selling cost and shouldn’t be included in the cost of the ending inventory…  If it bites me on the ass, well, I’ll take my lumps on it.  Nowhere in the reading or on the web could I find that it was included and, based on past readings, my take on it is correct.

We’ll see.

I read the first chapter of my programming logic book.  I LOVE the writer’s style.  It’s an older book and it’s done in a great way.  She not only connects with the reader (even if the assumption appears to be that I’m an 18-year old college student), but she also brings in her experiences.  Her examples are succinct, yet clear and descriptive.  The book is not bloated with extraneous material (a huge bonus in my estimation).  The book is not language-dependent, so I’m getting the essentials of the programming process, all without being blown away by a specific language’s syntax.

Given the choice between reading my accounting material and reading the programming/networking material… well, the latter subjects win hands-down, but I’m not going to abandon ship on my class.  I still have a shot at getting a B in the class, so I’m trying to pull it together.  If I do manage the B, I’ll be glad of it and not regret the time spent.  If I get a lower grade, I’ll just celebrate to have made it through.  Luckily, my GPA is rock-solid.  I hate to blow my 4.0, but we all have to take our lumps sometimes.

My friend, Lisa, has her undergraduate accounting degree and right now I want to go up to her and say, “How the hell did you make it through all this?????”

She must have amazing fortitude.

It just occurred to me that I always thought she’d go into engineering.  Personally, I think she would have made a killer engineer.  She has the soul of an artist…. and a great mind.

To a couple of my friends out there who read me and haven’t heard from me lately, I’m sorry.  I miss you guys – all of you…  Chris – where the hell are you?  Helen – yes, drinks and soon.  Rachel – I know… I’m a lame-ass friend but I’ve been thinking about you and I’m wondering if we can’t get the boys together to play.  Ann – I thought of you this past week and we need to have lunch.  It’ll have to be on a weekend, though.  Weekdays are completely out due to my job.

To my more distant friends out there.  I miss you too.  I might be resurfacing a bit…  I’m trying to NOT be overwhelmed with school and work and all that stuff.   I still feel crazy some days though…

Cheers to all.  Time to go to the bookstore.  I’m joining my friend in a book group.  Scheduled social time.  Awesome!!!!



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