I have a midterm to take this week.  But I have a fantastic book on networking and I want to read it.  I plan on writing a review of the book here when I’ve worked my way through it, but I have to focus on my Intermediate Accounting class first.


We had yellowtail tuna for dinner.  Of course, Todd cooked.  I’m good for macaroni and cheese or tomato soup or chili… nothing special.  Todd, on the other hand, is a genius in the kitchen.  Mostly.  Tonight he was positively brilliant.  I imagine I’ll be craving more of that tuna within a few days… dense, almost pork-like in consistency, not fishy… just wonderful.  We had it with brown rice and steamed veggies.  Followed it up with cappachino chip ice-cream.

Why can’t we eat like that all the time??  Oh yeah… ’cause Todd’s busy with school and I’m a can or package kind of girl.  I can whip up a mean salad but I’m too anal retentive with the veggie chopping and it takes me three times as long as a normal person (ask my mother, she’ll give details…) – so I tend to handle things like paying the bills, setting up appointments… you know, non-kitchen type stuff.  I do dishes but don’t trust the dishwasher, so I’m mostly a “by hand” kind of girl.  That sounded a bit weird… but that’s today for you… weird.

Today was the first day I didn’t come home from work wiped out.  Thought I’d go to the gym, but I had homework and de-stress time so I watched the viral video of William Shatner doing Sarah Palin’s resignation speech (he rocks the beat poetry angle).  Then I got my discussion postings done and now the kids are safely tucked into their beds (ha!  they’re actually rolling around in them, trying to stay awake as long as humanly possible) and the dog has had pets on his pointy head.

Now I’m free to continue that destress mode.

Ok.  That’s done, now it’s bed time.

Ahhh… sweet networking book….  I sense cables in our future.  I’ve already told Todd I want to experiment with it in our house.  He’s going to be loving that one.

Sometimes you just have to embrace your inner geek.  Sometimes it isn’t so inner…



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