End of the week, preparing for the next…

Aidan is taking a nap, so I have a couple minutes to write.  I got my project submitted today.  Not bad, considering yesterday I was freaking out because this material is NOT really sinking in.  I moved my study area from the dining room table to my sewing desk in the former master-suite, now shared study/music room for Todd and me.  Sounds like bad English grammar, doesn’t it?  Ok, so the sentence is awkward, I’ll give you that, but it conveys that funkiness of the shared space.

I have a more comfortable office chair in the shared space and my sewing desk is a much better height for my laptop and books.  I have space to stretch out and I’m with Todd, which may sound strange considering we’re studying, but it’s actually motivating to study when there’s someone in the room studying with you.  The kids congregate in here when we’re working away and it feels like a family experience, even if it’s about getting work done…

So I’ve been productive today and it decreases my anxiety about the coming week because of the work I’ve accomplished.  I got housework done… studying and an assignment done… I have spent some time with the kids and we’ll go to family dinner tonight too, so I’ve blended everything into a nice, neat flow.

Todd and I talked about some of the plans I’ve got for school and he’s right there with me as far as getting things organized and done.  We’re kind of on a deadline now, because of the financial aid issue, so it’s lighting a bit of a fire.  Plans I thought I’d be able to do are turning out to not be possible.  This means that I’m having to adjust midstride and I’m actually ok with how it’s all coming out.  Sometimes you just have to accept that plans change.  As I learn more and gain more experience, I realize that some of those old plans weren’t workable.  It’s not a bad thing… It’s just adapting as new information comes in, that’s all.

Bren is running around the house, playing his SPORE game and rattling up the stairs to tell us about some new thing he’s accomplished.  He’s really enjoying Harry Potter, although it’s hard getting him to let me stop each evening.  We should be done with the first book in the next day or two.

Tomorrow will be here soon.  It’s almost 3pm and we have to leave in about 1 1/2 hours to go to family dinner with Todd’s parents, aunt and gramma.  I’d love to stay huddled up in the house with the air conditioning, but it’s family time….  I just wish they had a/c…   Oy.

Time to relax.

Cheers to all,


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