Message from the inbox….

My horoscope today:

Wednesday, Jul 22nd, 2009 — You might still be feeling a bit sorry for yourself, but it’s time to consider what your life would be like if you were more of a “glass is half full” kind of person. There’s no practical use of hanging on to a childhood belief, especially if it emphasizes the concept of scarcity, rather than offering a universe filled with possibilities. Keep showing up at work and do whatever you can to transform fear into love.

I bolded and underlined the two parts that took an otherwise generic little piece of astrological advice and made it feel like a smack upside of my head.  And yes, I read my horoscope even though I use my reactions to it to interpret where I’m heading or what I’m doing, rather than taking it literally.

Today might be the exception to that rule.

Not that I think these words will be the answer to letting go of that “childhood belief” given that it’s so much a part of me… but I find it interesting that this message was in my email inbox on the day that my family and my work will intersect.

Maybe things will be ok after all.

As for the detox, that is going reasonably well, except for evenings when I get home and I’m exhausted from work.  Let’s just say that I fall down when I get home.  I’ll keep working on it though, because even just the bit I’m accomplishing is still something.  I know that I’ll feel better in a couple of days… the hard part is making it until then.


Got our new cell phones and cell service yesterday.  Went with something less expensive and got really nice phones out of it.

In a fit of irony, because it’s not like we haven’t seen the commercials… the reception in our house sucks.  It seemed fine last night, but this morning I was trying to listen to voicemail and it was awful.

You get what you pay for, right?

Thankfully, we don’t use cells a ton and they are more for reaching each other than anything.  I suspect something like Skype is going to be in our near future… just as a backup.


Time to get myself going.  I’ve got to get a walk in and I need to get cleaned up for the day.  It’s a new one… Let’s try that “glass is half-full” thing…



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