Why is the end of the weekend here so fast?

I’m not ready to go back to work yet.  Of course, are any of us ever really ready?

I know I’ve asked this question before, but why is it that we spend so much of our waking lives at work?  If I were going to rank what is most important, work would not be at the top of the list.  So it seems out of line with logic and reasoning that we spend so much time there.

Thinking about it isn’t going to do much more than make me incredibly unhappy, so I think I’ll bury that away with the other things that it isn’t productive for me to ponder.

I suspect that container is going to get very large and very heavy over time.

I had a good weekend with my family.  We watched movies…  had lots of talks… endured toddler tantrums…. put away laundry… did some shopping together and I had breakfast with my mum on Saturday.  We got out and were social on Saturday evening, spending time with another family who have a great kid of their own.  It was fun.  Today has been “Brennan and Mummy” time, as well as some “fix the computers” time for Todd.

The minutes slipped by too fast.  Now it’s Sunday evening and I’d like to hold on a bit longer but I’m tired and I need to think about prepping for it…


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