Short week, yay!

My brain has been having a tough time wrapping around the notion that the holiday is on FRIDAY not MONDAY.

But I needed this short week.  In fact, I really need the hot, soaky bath I’m about to take.  I had dreams about work and almost missing the first day of school with Bren.  I was “running around” in my dream this morning, trying to find decent school supplies for him, ON THE MORNING SCHOOL STARTED (and yes, those are “MOM CAPS” to indicate the seriousness of the situation).  It sucked.  It stressed me out.  And I wasn’t even awake yet.

On a not-so-related note, the little guy was pissed when we woke him up this morning.  I mean he was outraged, fists flailing, body-arching, pissed off.  Todd kept laughing, which only seemed to piss the poor little guy off more.

He got happy when the dog came to see him.

I suspect this says it all about the familial ranking system in our household.  Luckily, I got cuddles from Bren.  And a nifty discussion about filling up his “stomach pockets” with apple juice.  I’m still not entirely clear on that concept, but at 6:15am, I’m not clear on much.

Monday he told me that surprised is happy and freaked out mixed together.  So I shouldn’t really be too shocked at much that he says these days.

Work is great but seriously exhausting…  Like butt-dragging, eye-lash flopping, skin sagging exhausting…

I need the 3-day weekend in order to refresh.  Hell…. I could use a week off to get re-energized.  oy.

Ok.  Bath time.  I need time to soak my sore self.  Then it’s off to work and the adventures that the day holds.

Cheers… moonfire (and I’ll catch up on my blog reading soon….  I seem to have lost contact….)


3 thoughts on “Short week, yay!

  1. Happy Canada Day, Sweetie. Enjoy your three day weekend with your family and come back refreshed, recharged and ready to go git ’em.

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