Looks gross, tastes yummy…. my breakfast

My trainer told me to do this, so I’m trying it.

Beyond the visual effect, it tastes good.  What is it?  A Banana/Raspberry-Applesauce (no sugar added)/vanilla Spirutein powder/spinach smoothie.

Yes.  I put raw spinach in it.

Other than the soothing, minty-green color, I can’t taste spinach and I put a good handful in (maybe a loose 1/2 cup).  I can taste the banana and the Spirutein vanilla powder, with the slightest hint of “freshness” that I can’t couch in any other terms, but I don’t taste spinach and if I didn’t know it was in there, I wouldn’t even guess it.

Can’t even really smell it in there.  The powder and the banana overpower everything else.

I’m not stretching reality here, either.  I seriously can’t taste the spinach.  I’m not sure how much a 1/2 cup qualifies for on the “veggie spectrum”, but I’ll say this…. It’s more spinach than I ate yesterday, which was precisely none.

As for working out and weight loss… I got distracted for a bit.  I was tired, worn out from the rushing pace of our life, and I turned inward the last week.  I think I’m recovering and getting back to myself, but I still feel the tug of all those pressures.  The house is still a mess and my weight is still up at a level where my health is at risk.  I’m (thankfully) really busy at work and then home is chaotic and not necessarily a place of refuge.  It means that I feel worn out most of the time.

My intuition tells me that the key to it all is getting some fitness into my daily routine… something, anything, that gets me moving.

But it’s time to close this down.  The kids are off to gramma’s house.  Todd is back in bed.  The dog is racing up and down the stairs.  I’m not sure what’s up with him, other than summer fever?

And it’s time for me to get ready for the day ahead.

Cheers from a crazy moonfire.


3 thoughts on “Looks gross, tastes yummy…. my breakfast

  1. They say if you do some sort of physical activity that you gain more energy. But where exactly do you fit in such activity after being a busy mom and working?
    As for spinach, I totally believe you. A friend made made me a kiwi, lime, and spinach smoothie once. I couldn’t taste the spinach either, and it tasted awesome.
    Don’t mind me as I catch up.

  2. Gag. I once had spinach catch on that little thing that hangs down in the back of the throat and just the thought of it makes me wretch. Though pureed might not be that bad since it could probably make it down without catching.

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