Ah, so this is what it feels like to relax…

I was dead tired last night, so I took a night for relaxation and read “The Foundation” by Isaac Asimov.  I read it a couple times in my late teens and I found a copy on our bookshelf, so I “allowed” myself to dig in last night.  I’d forgotten how good it is to read really outstanding science fiction.  It’s inspiring and it was the perfect way to de-stress.  There is something wonderful about losing yourself in a well-written book… even more, there is something wonderful about losing yourself in a reality so disparate from our own.  It’s the ultimate vacation.

Tonight I went to my training appointment, reluctantly, but I went anyway.  I’m glad I did.  He got me back on track and made me feel that I’m not insane for attempting this reconstruction of my body.  He broke the ice with me tonight, which was a very good thing, and we ended up talking about concerts we’d seen.  I really needed to make a better connection with him because this is very important to me and I need to feel that I can trust him.  Weird… but I can’t explain it better than that.

I’m tired now.  I got some groceries to make life easier for myself.  It’s been a struggle finding things to pack for lunch.  I got things that are easily plunked together and highly portable.  I’m taking my trainer’s advice and adding some leafy greens to my protein shake….  the banana will (hopefully) cover up the odd taste.  I’ll keep you posted on how successful (or not) that one is.

And finally, I still love my job but it is tough work and the last few days have been really hard.  I can feel my sense of spirit being tested.  I think it’s because my (limited) patience is being worn down with my lack of knowledge.  I’m getting better, but I still feel like an absolute ass.  I have been exceedingly fortunate that my customers have been so good-natured.  I suspect my luck may soon run out in that arena.   I noticed that one of our reps got a woman today who actually said she didn’t want to talk to the rep because she didn’t want to talk to someone who “didn’t know anything.”  I was miserable at that thought because I’m certain she would have decimated me…

As I’ve said before, though, and will say many more times… I’d rather be there and have it tough than be at my old job, bored… miserable… and utterly not needed.  Being useless sucks but not even being needed sucks more.

I am going to go crawl into a hot, soaky bath and try to ease my sore body.  My sore mind will have to live with digging into stories about Harry Dresden, Wizard.  So far I’m absolutely in love with the writing style – kind of mystery/noir meets fantasy.  Cool stuff indeed.

I’ve got no energy left so that’s my signal.  It’s bed time.

Cheers to all on a lovely middle-of-the-week evening,


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