Last project just submitted…

So that’s it.  I got the second part of the final project done and submitted.  My analysis was short and, in my opinion, weak… but there you are.  There really wasn’t much to say that the numbers didn’t already say.  They gave us the format of the spreadsheet, so it was a matter of watching your present value amounts and entering in the formulas so the sheet would calculate everything.  I suppose that’s what they wanted, although it seemed fairly simplistic to me.

Maybe I’d just be a major hard-ass if I were the prof…

Anyway.  It’s done and submitted.  Before the day of the deadline.  Now I’m done for almost three weeks.  What a relief!

Time for bed and then it’s a big day tomorrow.

And for those that keep asking… Yep.  I STILL love my new job.  I’ve been there a month and the honeymoon is still on.  I even had some tough calls today… really, really tough calls.

Cheers from one sleepy moonfire


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