This time I get to blog my pain, not Todd’s.  By the way, he’s doing better.  The bruising never showed up, so maybe we’re going to get off easy this time.  But writing that is kind of tempting fate, isn’t it?

So my thighs were already killing me from the torture endured during my physical TEST with the trainer yesterday.  Then I followed his instructions and did my walking workout today.  Now I REALLY hurt.  I’m going to crawl up the stairs to our bedroom and flop on the bed so I can do my school reading.  I just soaked for about 40 minutes in a hot bath.  I’m hoping that rest and the bath will help.  But damn.  This hurts.

It’s amazing how effortless it is to put on the weight and how much freaking work it is to get it to leave.

Anyway, I have a lot of studying to do, so here I go.  All I can say is this:  I’m looking forward to the days when this isn’t quite so painful.  I imagine that time, 6 months or so down the road, when I’m doing my walking and running (and, hopefully, swimming) and I’m enjoying it.

That’s the plan, anyway.

Cheers from a sad, pathetic moonfire


3 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. The third day is always the most painful, by the way, but it will get much better. It’s amazing how quickly your body can “remember” a previous fitness level, just stick with it!

    And, good for you! I’m envious. I miss weight training something wicked, but just can’t swing the membership (or timer) right now. Sigh… I’ll just have to stick with lifting the toddler… and maybe living vicariously!

  2. I’m a sad, sad woman…. If I was a toddler, I’d be sticking my lip out and throwing myself on the floor. I’m really wondering how I’m going to get dressed tomorrow because I suspect I won’t be able to get my hands up over my head…. ouch….

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