A rainy Saturday

Well.  I guess, since it was a rough night, I’d better get the gory business out of the way…  Todd went sleep walking last night, around 3am.  He tripped over the dog (we think) and face-planted in a bookshelf WITHOUT being able to raise his hands to protect himself.  He looks like he’s been rolled by a band of merciless giants since the damage is all to his face and no where else (well… once small cut on his hand).

I woke up to this incredibly loud crash and then silence.  I called out his name and he responded, but he wasn’t very awake yet.  He got me to turn on the light and it was hideous – he was streaming blood down his face in several spots.  I didn’t want to freak him out (he doesn’t do very well with blood) but I wanted to shriek.  Loudly.

A couple cold, wet washclothes and a pack of frozen peas later (as well as a Darvocet), he got back to bed.  But he was in a lot of pain and I doubt that he slept very well.  I can give him another pain killer at 10am, if he needs it, so I’m leaving him in bed for now.

He commented that it’s lucky he didn’t go sleepwalking on the stairs…

And that gave me chills.

He was going to take a placement test this morning and we have all the plans with the kids… so I’m trying to get creative and figure out how to work around everything.  Even if he were feeling up to helping me divide the “kid duties” today, I think he looks a bit scary.  I can just see the four-year old little girl looking up at him and running to hide…  So I think Todd will stay home while Aidan takes a nap.  I’ll take the big kids out to PK and let them run like crazy.  It’s a really rainy day, so they get great play time in a dry space.  Not bad I think…

I just hope that TT, older girl (she’s 8), isn’t disappointed.   I’m willing to bet that she’ll want to play in there anyway.  I’d want to if I was under 12…  🙂

And I’ll cross my fingers that Hannah Montana stays at the cheap theaters for a bit.  It’s hard though… I can’t just take one.  It would hurt feelings…

Anyway, Todd said he was not hurting as bad this morning.  The bruising hasn’t started yet and I keep hoping that maybe he’ll get lucky and avoid it.  I suspect that’s not going to be the case though.  He’s probably going to look a LOT worse over the course of the next day or so.  Showering is going to suck and he’s already mentioned that it’s going to be miserable having to answer everyone’s questions at work.  I told him that he could say one of the following:

1. (my top choice)…  I took up boxing and forgot my faceguard.

2. (ok, don’t get offended)… I was back talking my wife.

3.  I got in a bar fight defending the honor of the waitress.

4. I got rolled by Amazon Women from Mars.

5. I had a little problem shaving today.

6. What?  What are you talking about???

That’s all I’ve got so far.  I keep hoping it won’t look as bad in daylight as it did early am this morning.  I swear he is a Calamity John.  There was the time he was going to make cookie dough with the food processor and sliced up his hand, requiring an ER visit.  There was the accident, when an uninsured driver ran a red light – totaled our car and earned Todd stitches in the ER.  There was time that he was riding his mountain bike and a lady in a minivan turned right in front of him, no signals or anything.  He ended up in the road, bloody and battered, while she merrily drove off.  There was the wasp that flew into his riding jersey….

Seriously.  I’d say I’m not going to let him out of the house anymore, but he’s apparently just as able to injure himself here as outside.

Anyway, I warned Bren this morning.  I didn’t want him to see his dad and freak out.  The big test will be when Todd gets up.   And I need to start praying that the big flap of skin on his nose heals rather than dies off and leaves him with a big divot.  I didn’t take him to the ER for stitches because I think it’ll be ok, but today we may have to take another look at it.  No matter what, I think he’s going to have a VERY interesting scar there.

Right now, though, it’s a lovely silvery-gray day, with rain coming down to make my garden happy.  The kids are up and Aidan’s having his breakfast.  Bren is playing Lego Halo… and don’t get me started on the Halo thing… oy

Danny the dog is hanging out, seemingly none the worse for wear from his adventure last night.  Poor guy.  I think he was really upset by all the blood last night.

As for me?  I’m a little out of it.  I was going to get up at a decent time this morning and work on school, but that has been derailed by the events of the last 6 hours.  I think I’ll get showered, organized my children, and put in some laundry.  By that point it’ll be time to take the whole crew of older children out to play.  I’m hoping to be back home by 2:30-3:00pm and then maybe I can get a few things done.

Todd is supposed to meet up with his bandmates later this afternoon/early evening.  I’m curious to see if he still goes.

Well.  I guess that’s all I’ve got.  It’s a little after 9am and it’s time to make some kind of effort to get moving.  I’m less tired than I am pressed to coordinate everything.  Perhaps we’ll go up and see if we can pick up the children early.

Cheers to all on this pretty rainy day,


5 thoughts on “A rainy Saturday

  1. Yikes! Poor Todd! Are his teeth okay? (Always my fear…) I know some people who eat in their sleep (and cook, too…), but never of them actually getting hurt.

    On a personal note, I recently found out that my my grandfather was discharged from the Navy for sleepwalking (can’t have that on submarines, apparently)… and they sent him to Sun Valley for a sleep study… he walked in on Earnest Hemingway and others playing Russian Roulette one night, (turned around and walked right back out, too), and had a story to tell the rest of his life…

    Maybe you could put a chair in your doorway at night, as a roadblock, on the way to the stairs…

  2. Now that I’m at my large computer, I can see the mispelled word. Should be
    7. I was “channeling” my mother-in-law.

    I hope Todd is okay. What brought this on?

    Love Mum.

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