so she did it AGAIN today!

I sent the plagiarizer an email last night – no response – but who knows if she’s checking her school email address or not.  So I went into respond to all of the postings I could find the sources for and I posted the links to the plagiarized materials.

I am one pissed off student right now.

It’s being escalated.  It went to the Dean of the Program, who is giving the teacher of our class some “instruction”.  I am appalled that she continued to do it, even after being warned.  She is either completely oblivious or she doesn’t believe that anything will happen.

The teacher of our class has emailed me to let me know that it’s being escalated.  It’s disheartening that I was the one who had to point it out to him.  He should have seen it.  She goes from slightly fractured English writing style to perfect, highly academic writing?  In the space of one single week?


I tried to reach out to her, but this is ridiculous.

And yes…  I shouldn’t have had to do anything about it, but the problem is this:  If I didn’t, and it were allowed to go on because the person who SHOULD be paying attention wasn’t….  Was I supposed to simply ignore it?

Ultimately it’s cheating.

That’s where I stand on it and I’m not backing down.



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