Sunday thoughts

I’m preparing to back up my laptop and install Vista Ultimate.  Todd and the boys are outside, enjoying the new space.  I’m a bit jealous that they have the freedom to do it but I know it’s not forever.  Two more weeks of work and I’m done!  Well… I’ll be done for a three week period and then it’s back to the grind, but at least I’ll only be doing ONE class then.

The house is a disaster.  It’s painful to look at.  We got one space under control, but the other is ridiculous.  I can’t give in to the urge to deal with it though.  I have to get on the ball with my classes.

I also need to go soak my sore, tired body.  Our gardening adventure has left me with bug bites, sore muscles and a complaining back.  It feels good.  (yeah, I know.  Weird)

Aidan’s in now and he’s acting tired.  It’s 11am.  I wonder if he’ll take a nap.  He looks like he needs one, but trying to get that to intersect with him actually going down?  It’s not always successful.

I give up.  My brain is being pulled in several different directions and I simply can’t focus.  Time to back up the computer and get through the installation process.  It’s either painful now or it’s painful later.  No choices.

cheers on a overcast but still hot Sunday,


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