We worked on a garden tonight.  This is a miracle because Todd & I are NOT gardeners.  Bren was digging holes too.  We have a new trellis with honeysuckle and clematis.  We have some creepers and some African Daisies.  It looks pretty, although it’ll look better in a month or two, when things start growing in.

We also got an inexpensive gazebo canopy thing (10×10) to cover the patio.  This will cool down the living room since it heats up every morning with the sun coming in.

So we went from a hot, dry, unwelcoming space to a space where, even in the 90 degree weather today, it’s a nice place to hang out.  We’re going to hunt down the Christmas twinkle lights and put those up too.  Pretty AND functional.  I like it.

Time for some Lost before we all get showered and go to bed.  Tired….  Got the first 1/2 of my final project done for Managerial Accounting.  Now tomorrow is cleared for AIS.  Yay!!!

Cheers for tonight.



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