This is funny!

So I went to log on to my work email tonight… yeah, I know, why?  Well, because I’m chronic and I like to know what’s happening.  So anyway, I go to log on and it comes up that there’s an error.  I think to myself about how my supervisor was supposed to submit the request to close down my account effective after tomorrow and I just KNOW he didn’t do it properly…

I sent an email from my home address to my work address and sure enough, it comes back invalid.  SO… for my final day of work, I’ll have no access to anything.  I should (possibly) still be able to log on to the computer because that access is through the new community college, but if they got the word too… well, it’s going to be a LONG, BORING day with nothing to do.

Actually, it won’t be so different from a  typical day except I won’t be able to answer dumb messages!

Good thing I wrapped things up today.  I got my email all cleaned out and sent off messages to all my buddies on campus, including my home email address and phone number.  I’ll have to call a couple of them tomorrow and explain what happened.  It’ll be good for a chuckle.

Given the messed up stuff that has been going on, this is really nothing – still, it makes me laugh.

I’m going to bed now.  I feel like getting some sleep.  Tomorrow will be an interesting day.  I may end up asking someone to log me in so I can do my school work through the net.   There’s a potluck too, so that means munchies and not much work.

I may take a little trek across campus and say good-bye to my friends.  There are a lot of people I’m going to miss…

…Time to go to bed.  Suddenly my day is going to be a lot easier tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll actually get some school work done!!!!



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