Germ Vectoring – Or: My kids sneezed in my face and all I got was this cold…

Coughing and sneezing this morning.  Feel awful.  It’s a toss up which one got me… the cute little one or the handsome big one.

This is going to make for a really long week.  Rather, it’ll make for a LONGER week, since Monday had to have been about 6 or 7 days long and the rest of the week looks to be about the same.

I read a substantial amount yesterday, although, I didn’t do the final posting that I should have done.  I feel like I have more reading to do before I’m ready for that.  If this morning goes well, I should be able to log in later and get several done.  As much as I don’t like the text for my AIS class, I really love the material….  So that’s an interesting balance.  As for Managerial Accounting?  I like the text – it’s engaging and the explanations are clear (for the most part).  My professor does an excellent job of getting the class going in the discussion threads and I think she’s probably really engaging in a face-to-face class.

Where I’m having difficulty this session (at least so far) is feeling like I”m getting to spend time on the material.  I loved my last session because it moved so quickly… exactly what I needed to get me started and going in my studies.  I didn’t have time to ponder how long this was going to take…

I can continue to move along really quickly like this, but I get the feeling that I will end up with really general knowledge, rather than an indepth adoption of it.  I’m trying to determine if this is due to the length of the course, or if, rather, it’s caused by taking two at once.  Can I achieve the grades I need doing it this way?  Yes.  Will I get the knowledge firmly planted, the way I prefer?  I question that.

Realization is hitting me that I’m going to drop back to one course at a time and it’s for several reasons.  I’ll do this session with the two, but my remaining classes will be one at a time.

Now… on to other things.  Work was awful yesterday.  Here is a comment to managers everywhere (with me hoping to be included in that group someday):  If your staff aren’t given the training and the support they need to be successful – which, in this case, carries over to the students you are serving, then you have failed them.  An agressive agenda is fine, but solid planning and execution are not optional.  I would also comment to say that existing students in your programs MUST be taken care of.  They absolutely should have priority over new students.  To do otherwise is to fail them.

I don’t say these things lightly, nor is this intended to be simply a bashing of my management.  It’s not.  They are working very, very hard.  Unfortunately, there is a huge problem developing and our front-line staff are getting battered in the process.  I assist with lunch coverage, so I am seeing this first hand.  I have refuge in that I can return to my position once the coverage is done.  The staff can’t.

I’m worried that they are not getting what they need.  There isn’t a thing I can do to help them, either.  Usually an answer is out there.  We don’t have the systems or the training we need, but even worse?  The back-office work for the transition is not where it needs to be in order for us to help the students.  This means we are forced to funnel them back to the main campus and the complaints about that are various:  they don’t answer the phone, they don’t return messages, they give incorrect or inconsistent information.

These are not sporadic complaints.  These are the normal communications we’re getting.

All of us have offered our extra hands – have offered to be trained.

I have vented and that provides some relief, however, I know I’ll go back in today and I can’t help but cringe at the knowledge that I’ll be back up at the front desk, “helping out.”  I want to be encouraging for the front-line staff, but I’m at a loss.  How do I give them reinforcement when it rings hollow?  I can’t give suggestions for ways for us to cope with it when we’re looking at a big void supporting us.


There’s not much more I can say on this.  I can continue to let it beat me down, or I can pull myself up, shake it off, and try to keep moving forward.

It’s time for a hot shower to clear my head.  I have to drive Aidan to his grandparents (and Bren, if he’s still feeling really crummy).

We’re having a Cinco de Mayo potluck today.  I’m bringing heart-attack in a crock pot.  Nothing says “I love you and support you,” like chili and Velveeta melted together and served with tortilla chips.  [snort]

Have a happy, cheerful, wonderful day today and stay healthy,


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