Happy 2nd Birthday!

My sweet guy, Aidan, is 2 today.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!  He’s almost 3 feet tall.  He looks like a cross between an imp and a fairy-child.  He is loving, funny, quick-tempered, opinionated, decisive, stubborn, sweet, cuddly, and he LOVES cars.

When he was a baby, we’d have people ask us if we drugged him because he was so mellow (we miss those days!).  We’d tell the various pediatricians we saw during his first 6 months about how mellow he was and they’d look askance at us… until we’d get to the end of the appointment and they’d say, “He IS really mellow.”

He has an amazing sense of humor and he loves to poke at his big brother.

He is a “guy’s guy” but he loves his mummy very much.

I think he’s going to be taller than his big brother…  and that’s going to be interesting to watch.

He still does a great imitation of the sound a suicidal cow makes.

We can’t imagine life without him…  We can’t really remember what life was like before him.  Someday, I imagine I’ll look at the teenager or the grown man he has become and I’ll have to smile, knowing all the “signs” that were showing up from the time he was tiny.  I look at how tall and lanky Brennan has become and I try to imagine Aidan the same way… but it’s too hard.  Aidan is still my baby.

I hope this new year brings him many adventures.  I hope he continues to develop his vocabulary, so he can tell us all about it – one way or another.  I hope he endures the heat of summer, even though I know he shares my dislike of the hot weather.  I hope he plays hard, eats well, and gets all the loving he needs and wants.

Happy Birthday youngest son – you’re my angel-imp!

love your mum


2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday!

    • When asked “What does a cow say?”

      Aidan responds with “mooh” – said in a flat, descending tone. It’s hilarious – ok, it’s hilarious to me. That’s one depressed cow he’s hearing.

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